Kathleen (kittyofthesea) wrote in angrymob,


Is going to be at the Carl's Junior on the East Side thursday for free. Not sure about the time, but you can prolly call them and ask.
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Who is Robosaurus?
east side of what?
Uh, salinas? =P
you arent sure?
"ah salinas?" (question mark)
No actually, I was being sarcastic. Its like when people ask where the Bay Area is; you think people know and when they don't, it surprises you.
well you gave no hint that it was salinas in the first place.
There are 3 carls jr in salinas. 1 = north, 2= midwest, 3= south
I figure you are talking about the one in south salinas. East actually begins on the east side of the highway.
Bay area is another strange one. Most people assume you are talking about the San Fransisco bay area. But there are a lot of people that say "bay area" and mean the Monterey Bay Area.

ps. i know a couple of carls jrs around the "bay area" (monterey) that are considered to be in the "east"
Robosaurus is playing inside of Carl's Jr? Call who, The fast food place?