crystallinegirl (crystallinegirl) wrote in angrymob,

Well, it kinda looks like this community is dead, but I'll try anyway.

Hey there, I'm Crystal, 26, married. Moved here just over a month ago from Oregon, my husband's a Marine stationed at the Presidio for the next year. I'm looking for friends! I know NOBODY here, and since I'm being a housewife, well, I'm starting to get bored out of my mind.

About me: I'm a gamer - pen and paper RPGs, but my husband likes video games as well. Like movies, music. (Except Rap. Ick.) I cross stitch, I bake a damn fine cheesecake. As well as all sorts of other goodies. Have almost a complete library of old World of Darkness roleplaying books. I like to read. We enjoy board games, card games. Scrabble and Apples to Apples are favorites, as is Munchkin (which I own ALL OF, muahahaha!), but unfortunately those last two need more than two players.

I am intelligent and sarcastic. I have an Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts, I just choose to use my skills at home instead of out in the work world. Thinking about hitting up MPC for a class or two, just for fun. I've worked in retail (Kohls, Target) and Food service.

Looking for people, male and female, who would like to be friends! Military/military spouses are a plus, but certainly not a requirement.
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