Kathleen (kittyofthesea) wrote in angrymob,

Some Q's for you thrift store shoppers

I'm majoring in Business right now @ MPC, and I am planning on opening my own Resale (buy-sell-trade) thrift store in SC. We're writing business plans right now in one of my classes, and I'd like to get some information from those of you who shop at Santa Cruz thrift stores to even see if there is a demand for what I want to offer to the community.If you can include your name,location,and age, that would be appreciative. I should have the Business plan done by November, so if you would like a copy, please let me know. Thanks!
1. How do you feel about thrift stores in general? Do you feel like there is anything lacking or too much of in the current thrift stores in Santa Cruz? Do you feel like there is a demand for thrift stores?
Part two of this question: Do you feel like there is a demand for an affordable thrift/resale store in santa cruz that has more upscale (IE good condition, few signs of wear) store in santa cruz?
2. How would you feel about a thrift store that had sections for different subcultures, such as gothic and industrial, punk, lolita, ravers, etc? What about sections for "regular" people of our culture, such as preppy? What about sections for men/women, plus sizes, non gender specific, etc?
3. Do you look at window displays often when you shop? If so, are you more apt to visit a store that changes its displays often (once a month or so) versus those that change their displays rarely or never?
4. What do you consider 'affordable' prices for everyone for secondhand clothing? Would you ever resell, trade, or buy clothing from a resale shop such as this-why or why not?
5. How do you feel about local bands and/or artists displaying their works or doing free/cheap shows for promotion at said resale shop? Do you feel like newspaper ads are an adequate form of promotion as well?
6.Anything else?
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