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Katrina Benefit Concert In Salinas

As you all may know, New Orleans suffered severe devastation after Hurricane Katrina, some of which is irreparable. However, there is still much that can be done to help with what is left. That is why I we are posting this bulletin. The Salvation Army of Salinas and Royal Air force Productions are putting together a benefit concert to help raise funds for those affected by the hurricane. We will be playing at the Sheriffs Posse Grounds in Salinas Ca September 18,2005. The doors will open at 11 am and the show will end at approximately 6pm. We ask that every one who attends donate a minimum of $5.00 but if you are able to donate more it would be greatly appreciated.

The Salvation Army of Salinas and Royal Air Force Productions goal is to raise money for the victims and make it enjoyable for everyone. They are also in contact with most (if not all) of the high schools and local college in the area and they agreed to help publicize the event to help raise more money. They also have several contacts with the media and it will be publicized in local publications (i.e. newspapers, entertainment guides) and T.V There will be two stages with 10-12 bands playing the event. Some of those include: Airman Basic, InBalance, Third Eclipse, Cali Nation, Astoria, Braskey, and more to be announced. More details can be found on our shows page. www.myspace.com/braskey

Again, being a benefit concert everything is being donated and all who are helping are volunteers. With that, we also ask that you donate some money to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina and at the same time enjoy the music from these local bands. IF YOU WANT TO HELP US PLEASE PASS THIS BULLETIN TO AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE WHO ARE IN THE SALINAS/MONTEREY/SANTA CRUZ AREAS SO WE CAN RAISE AS MUCH MONEY AS WE CAN TO HELP THOSE IN NEW ORLEANS. Thank you for helping.

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